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Fashion Fade is an online magazine which posts about the latest fashion trends, style and beauty tips. We aim to show our readers that you can look chic and on-trend on a budget. We offer simple style guides, affordable fashion and beauty ideas which aim to help women create and develop their own personal style.


Charlotte Louise

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If you would like to contribute to Fashion Fade email us at fashionfademag@gmail.com

At this moment of time we cannot offer compensation in return for writing a post for Fashion Fade Magazine. However, we always welcome contributions! We know exposure and karma can't pay your bills, however if you decide you want to bump up your portfolio then drop us an email. Also we are more than happy to link to your personal site or blog at the end of your post.

A few things to consider...
We don't have many rules on what you choose to write about as long as it fits in with what we are about! If you write for us, then we like you to write on behalf of us (so less I's and more We's).

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Want to contribute to Fashion Fade Magazine? Email us at fashionfademag@gmail.com (more info here)