Tips On How To Stay In Fashion This Winter*

It is time for us to bid goodbye to the sunny days out there and welcome winter. When we say winter, the first thing that comes to our mind are cloudy, chilly and foggy weather. Apart from that, it is time for us to get into the wardrobe and get winter clothes ready. Rather than just keeping us warm, we need winter clothes that are stylish too.

It is true that with the changing of seasons, changes take place in the wardrobe too. By applying some small changes to your wardrobe, you will be able to look gorgeous this winter.

Take a look at these top tips on how to look warm and stylish this winter:

Leather pants

Leather pants are not just for rock stars! Try out black leather pants with an off white top. You can also opt for a leather bag and a pair of strapped sandals to complete the look.

Peplum jacket

Peplum Jackets are the talk of the town. They give an amazing modern look when worn with pants and heels. Peplums emphasize the hip and thus makes you look awesome.

Winter is the time when you feel cozy. It is the time when you feel the need to snuggle inside quilts. You get the same comfort inside flannels. They are best for winter and you can simply wear them with sweatshirts and look effortlessly cool.

Shaggy sweaters
If the weather outside is not that chilling and you don’t need to go for a coat, then opt for shaggy sweaters. These shaggy sweaters look great with a pair of old rugged jeans. You can also go for your old boots and look altogether cool.

They used to be worn by sailors but now you can wear peacoats with all different accessories to look good. They can be good for any occasion and suit any style. Wear them with skinny jeans and a scarf around your neck. You will look cool this winter.

Hats, Scarves & Gloves
Hats will help keep you protected from the chilling wind. Select a trendy hat that suits your personality for effortless style.

Next up, you shouldn't forget a nice scarf that will help keep your body heat trapped inside your coat. Scarves are inexpensive and yet good at keeping you protected from the wind. Opt for colours that match your coat. You can even try out some contrast colours for a change.

Finally, dry and chapped hands are in no way trendy. So of course don't forget your gloves as they will keep your hands warm. Thick gloves will definitely keep you cozy, but thin gloves look ever so chic. Try out the ones that suit your outfit.

Try these above tips and you will look warm and stylish this winter. Little changes in your wardrobe will have you looking amazing this winter.

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Style vs. Style: The Bomber Jacket

We urge you to enjoy jacket weather while you still can! There will be plenty of time for your winter coats later on in the year. This season we are looking at the effortlessly cool bomber jacket! Last Spring we saw bombers in all sorts of prints and bold colours, however this Autumn we are sticking to neutral shades such as black, khaki, grey and nude. Khaki and nude especially being "it" colours this a/w.

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Style Steal: Long Line Maxi Cardigan

Photos via: | Taken by Frances Davison

As far as looks compiled of basics go, this look is far from basic. The deep v top tucked into light denim jeans with a cropped raw hem are pulled together with a chunky black belt, this outfit is totally laid-back cool. Blogger Lucy Williams adds warmth with a gorgeous long-lined grey ribbed cardigan. She completes her outfit with black pointed ankle boots and a beautiful tan bag.

Get the look:

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When it comes to autumn, one of the things we look forward to the most is fresh ankle boots on the scene. This season we're upping our game with velvet and suede textures, bold colours and killer prints!

Pair them with dresses when it's warm and jeans when it's not - these babies will always have you covered! The one thing we love about shoes is that they will always fit and look good (unlike those pesky jeans that seem to shrink every time you try them on...)

Celebrity Fall Outfit Ideas

We do love a well put-together celebrity outfit, and even if they get the luxury of wearing heels all day or living in a warmer climate than us, it doesn't mean we can't take some inspiration from their fabulous fall outfits.

Just like us, the celebs are loving earthy and army green tones, and fall classics like leather trousers, wide brimmed fedoras, knitwear and denim, plus adding a touch of 70s to their outfit with suede and fringing. Whose celebrity wardrobe would you love to raid this fall?

Wearing The Trend: Knitted Co-ords

One thing we adore about fall is all the knitted fashion! From chunky knits to thin ribbed knits, there is something to suit your taste for sure. We have the choice of draped v-necks or cozy turtleneck jumpers, and also knitted flares, skirts and even culottes! Knitwear is a trend we love, not only does it keep you warm on cold days, but it can look stylish too -- especially if you pull a matching knitted set out of the bag! Head-to-toe knitwear? Yes please! Just check out these looks if you're not convinced! Let us know what you think of this trend? Would you rock it?

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