27 Ways To Style Jogger Trousers

The "sport-luxe" trend is nothing new, we've seen an influx in street style fashionistas wearing trainers, bomber jackets , slip-on sneakers and a lot of other clothing that was originally intended for athletic wear.

Even though it's been around for a little while now, there is so much to this trend that no one is bored of it yet! For a lot of us who don't like to dress overly feminine, incorporating some tomboy pieces into our looks is only natural. Plus this trend is just so comfy...

Today's post is going to focus on how to style jogger style trousers for your everyday look! If you don't believe that joggers can look chic, then keep reading and we will prove you wrong!

Whether you choose yours in a jersey material or something more luxe like silk, we've got you covered with these 27 killer outfits that are all Fashion Fade approved!

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Tip: For a look that's more chic than chav, search for key terms such a luxe joggers, formal joggers and tailored joggers! 
What do you think of jogger style trousers? Would you wear them?
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Fashion Icon Style Files: Mira Duma

This isn't the first time pint-sized Russian fashionista Mira Duma has graced the virtual pages of Fashion Fade Magazine, and we're sure it won't be the last!

However, today we thought it was about time we dedicated an entire post to Mira's flawless style, showcasing some of our favourite looks of hers from the last few years.

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Do you like Mira Duma's style? Is she one of your fashion icons?
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Trend To Try: The Denim Button Down Skirt

When we used to think of denim skirts, we would shudder over low rise denim mini skirts the size of belts some of us used to wear in our teen years... but for 2015 the denim skirt is much classier and much more chic!

We're talking a-line shapes with button down details. Whether you opt for knee-length or something a bit shorter it doesn't matter, this skirt is a hit with the fashion crowd.

Hint: a deep blue shade of denim paired with tan accessories gives a good nod to the 70s revival trend that is oh so hot right now!


What do you think of the denim button down skirt?
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How To Become A Full-Time Blogger & Earn Money From Your Blog

Becoming a full-time blogger, that's the new dream right? For all of us that have never really fitted into the typical work force and went down the creative path at Uni, there is suddenly a place for us. One that we know and feel comfortable in, one that we can control in and have it just how we like it.

But how do we get there? How do we take the plunge from the normal route of school, uni, job to one where people have no idea what it's about, one where people will ask how much money can you make from that? Because of course, "it's all about the money" *rolls eyes*

For many people, blogging is just a hobby, which is fine! But for those who do want to make it their full-time job we have put together some tips and advice based on our own personal experiences trying to make it in this new and exciting industry. 

If you're earning money from your blog you will need to clear this up with the tax office. You can be registered as self-employed AND employed so you can get this all cleared before you make any big decisions on becoming a blogger full-time.

A great way to see the pennies rolling in is by using affiliate programs such as affiliate window and shopsense. Affiliate window gives you commission when someone makes a purchase through one of your links and shopsense pays per click! There are tonnes of other similar programs out there so get googling! 

Next up you can try and find some sponsors, or let them find you! If you're going to be charging for a sidebar ad, the sponsors will want to know how many pageviews you have and the most accurate way of finding this out is by using google analytics. You can also start charging for sponsored posts but make sure they are relevant to your content and that you have a disclaimed the post somewhere on your blog.

In this area it's important not to undersell yourself! Don't just accept any offer that comes along, try to barter your way to a better deal. Think of the hours you've put into your blog, calculate your blog's worth and don't settle for anything less than you deserve.

It can be hard to get a good idea of what you should charge for a post but we have a simple sum you can try, you can start off by taking the amount of unique visitors per month and dividing by 100, then times by 2 and you should work between that bracket.  

unique visitors per month = 5000
5000 / 100 = 50
x 2 = 100
so charge between £50 - £100 per sponsored post

However when your domain authorship (which can be up to 100) goes up, you will want to increase your price. Ultimately what you charge is up to you.

With blogging becoming a more and more popular pass time, the competition can seem pretty fierce! But remember, it's much better to be working together as a community rather than trying to compete against each other. Focus on building your own community of followers, and this doesn't have to be a large number - it can actually work more in your favour if you have a smaller group of followers but more personal relationships with them, this way they keep coming back! So reply to their comments, visit their blogs and follow them on twitter! 

So you might be seeing some money coming in right about now, but you know it's not enough to support you full time and this is where you start looking for blogging work outside your blog. You can start off by guest posting for free on online magazines (such as us) or other peoples/companies blogs. Then when you show that you can write articles from a different angle than your usual OOTD you can start contacting people looking for paid work. Most full-time bloggers have blogging work outside of their own personal blog.

Now it's time to set yourself some goals. Look at how your pageviews are increasing and how the money coming in is increasing and try to predict what you could be earning in the future. How much is the minimum you need to earn to get by and see when/if it's possible for you to survive solely by blogging.

It's always best to try and raise a good rainy day fund! When you do take the plunge you will want a few months rent at least so you know you can get by.

Could you work by yourself all day? With the possibility that your friends will be shattered after a long working day and you'll also be spending the evening by yourself too?

Can you cope with the stress of not knowing where your next pay check is coming from? If you have no dependents or have a partner willing to help you out when you need it then it can be a real possibility for you! But if you have dependents relying on you then you might want to keep hold of your job at least part-time anyway. 

Are you starting a blog to make money, or do you really have a passion for it? If there is little passion for it you will probably end up getting very bored of it and wanting to move onto something else. Blogging full-time is hard work and a passion for it will not only attract people to you, but will also help you in times where you're wondering whether it's worth it! 

Can you deal with the "non-believers"? And yes you will meet them. They won't think your job is "real" or that you work hard or that you earn any money. They'll think you do nothing but sit in your pajamas all day and sometimes no matter what you say, you won't change their mind. If you are a people-pleaser you might find this all too hard to cope with.

If it's your dream, then you have to give it a try right? If all fails you can put them time working as a full-time blogger on your CV as a freelance writer and pick your favourites out of the people you work with for your references and use the experience to bump up your CV a bit. "You missed working in a team but you showed how you can be organised and set yourself deadlines" -- there are lots of angles you can work from to make your time blogging appeal to any future employers.

Remember that life is short and that you can either make money for some other entrepreneur or become an entrepreneur yourself!

Think of your blog as a start up business, and most businesses make a loss in their first few years mainly due to start up costs but with blogging the start up costs are minimal meaning that you'll be investing time not money. If you make yourself accept that you'll earn nothing meaningful in the first few years of blogging then you're more likely to succeed if you keep working hard regardless of what the £££ looks like. Focus on getting your stats better and see the value in that and then the money will come after.

Don't think, hey such-and-such is doing well, I'll copy what they're doing - yes you can take some inspiration from them of course, but becoming a carbon copy won't do you any favours! Try and brainstorm new and different ideas so that people will be attracted to your individuality.

It's not only your blog that you can monetize, but your instagram, twitter and pinterest too! So it's important to spend time working on these platforms as well.

Blogging full-time is much more than blogging. It's working on your search engine optimization, it's social media management, it's building relationships with brands, companies and the general public, it's knowing how to build an audience, it's learning html, how to edit photos and how to create graphics, it's marketing and it's networking too! The skills you build through blogging are priceless and when someone asks you what "blogging" is, then don't hold back on all the things you can do!

Do you have any tips on how to make it as a full-time blogger?
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Coachella Outfits You Could Actually Wear In Real Life

We know that Coachella outfits can often be more fancy dress than street style, but that's not always the case! Not all of these fab fashionista festival goers are pairing together midriff baring crops with short shorts or sheer dresses worn over swimming costumes.

Some of these babes are wearing outfits that we could wear in our everyday lives and we've chosen three of our favourite looks for you to take inspiration from!

The Boho Babe

For this look take a light blue denim jumpsuit and pair it with tan and gold accessories. It's light and airy without having to show off too much skin. This is a festival look with a difference making you stand out of the crowd for sure.

The Rocker Raver

For those chilled back rocker babes, this outfit is for you! Take your favourite band or slogan tee and pair it with some black cut-off denim shorts. Finish the look with a plaid shirt tied around your waist and stick to some ever-so-comfy plimsolls! Finally don't forget your shades and some simple but stylish jewellery.

The Sleek Chic 

Last but not least, we have a look that you can wear to the festival during the day, but also wouldn't look out of place if you had somewhere fancier to go after! This chic look incorporates the all-white trend with a simple white blouse and an embellished white skirt. Kate Bosworth finishes her look with a white bag, some tan strappy shoes and light nude-pink makeup.

Which outfit would you wear?
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Images via gastrochicfashioncognoscente & getty images

How To Style The Sleeveless Jacket

Okay so what looks like a coat but doesn't necessarily act like one? Well the sleeveless jacket of course! It might not keep you as warm but it does offer up some exciting layering opportunities! We think that the sleeveless jacket is perfect for Spring to layer over anything from t-shirts, jumpers and even other jackets depending on the weather. 

Effortlessly Cool Ways To Wear A Plaid Shirt

A plaid shirt is something a lot of us have hanging about in our wardrobe, but that doesn't make it any less stylish!

Your plaid shirt is something cool that can be added to any outfit that is feeling a little lack lustre. It's a staple piece that we can always rely on.

What do you think of the trusty plaid shirt?
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Images via pinterest, teetharejade & fashionmenow

The Full Skirt Trend: From Day To Night

For Spring/Summer 2015, we are going to be seeing a lot of this skirt in both day and night time looks. It's such a statement piece and can be worn with pretty much anything in your wardrobe! 

Today, we have created two outfits to show you two different ways that you can wear this skirt.

12 Outfit Combinations To Try This Spring

It's the Easter holidays and if you're in a food coma with a tummy full of chocolate then what to wear might be the last thing on your mind. Well today, we present you with this 12 day challenge which consists of 12 different outfit combinations perfect for Spring!

If you are missing any of these pieces in your own wardrobe then why not hunt them down in a friends? You might be pushed into something you haven't tried before and end up loving it!

Cropped Jeans, Knitted Sweater, Loafers & Coloured Bag

Trench Coat, Lightweight Sweater, Culottes & Ankle Boots

Denim Skirt, Plain Tee, Longline Jacket & Fur Bag

Maxi Dress, Military Khaki Jacket & Coloured Bag

Roll Neck Sweater, Printed Mini Skirt & Berry Lips

Moto Jacket, Bright Sweater & Cropped Trousers

Plain White Tee, Printed Trousers & Loafers

Ribbed Sweater, Printed Floaty Skirt & Micro Bag

White Blouse, Blazer, Jeans & Ankle Boots

Striped Tee, Midi Skirt & Lace Up Flats

Cropped Knit Jumper and Wide Leg Pants

Baggy Striped Tee, Cropped Jeans & Leopard Print Heels

6 of Last Year's Trends That We'll Still Be Rocking This Spring

We at Fashion Fade are big advocators of the motto, if you like it, wear it! Which means that even if we wore some trends last year, we're gonna rock them this year too if we are feeling it. Today we've scooped through the archives and had a look at which of last year's trends we'll be sporting this Spring.


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Oh the marmite birkenstock style sandal, how we love you! For us you're the perfect staple that beats flip-flops 10 times out of 10! There is just something about them which is so laid back and cool. They can be rocked with almost everything from dresses to jeans. We definitely won't be giving you up this year!

Boyfriend Jeans

View the full post: 7 Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans.. at first we kind of didn't like you that much, but that was down to our own insecurities that we couldn't pull you off unless we were a 6 foot model. However, over the past year we've come to love you quite a lot and we've realised that you look good on all shapes and sizes! We are digging the rips no matter how much our elders say we need to buy a new pair of jeans. And rolling them up at the cuff? Well that's a style trick we can't get enough of!  


View the full post: 18 Ways To Wear Trainers

Ah trainers, who would have thought they'd be so huge! Mixing sporty items with our usual gear isn't getting old for us yet. Pair your trainers with ultra-feminine pieces like lace skirts or keep it real sleek with something more tailored.

All White

View the full post: 8 Ways To Wear White on White

White on white has to be one of the freshest looking trends around! It's so summery, and if you dare to wear, so chic! Also, it's incredibly simple, take your white jeans and pair it with a white shirt and you're done! Looking stylish has never been so easy. 

Trench Coat

View the full post: 8 Ways To Wear The Trench Coat Trend

The beautiful trench coat, how you add class to so many different looks! Plus you're guaranteed to feel like some kind of secret agent when you're wearing one of these bad boys. You can wear them right through sping with jeans and dresses.


View the full post: 12 Ways To Wear Culottes

Culottes look like a really hard trend to pull off, but we say that you have to give them a try before you completely dismiss them - they might surprise you! It's an edgier alternative to the midi dress and can be styled for a formal or casual environment, it really is a diverse piece! 

What trends will be making a comeback for you this Spring?
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