1, 2, 3... Effortlessly Chic White Skinny Jean Looks

We are loving white jeans at the moment and even though the fashion world is going crazy for boyfriend jeans (which we also love) that hasn't stopped us from wearing the holy grail skinny jean!

Today we've put together three hot looks that are effortlessly chic and ever so simple to recreate for ourselves! Keep reading in order to shop the looks from your laptop right now!

Images via pinterest & sincerelyjules

White Skinny Jeans & Casual Grey Tee

1. Stone Statement Necklace £10 | 2. Slogan Tee £10 | 3. Skinny Fit Jeans £18 | 4. Metallic Frame Bag £20 | 5. Block Heels £30

What is it about white and grey that looks so fresh?! The slogan tee is fun and looks chic when paired with the white skinny jeans, a sleek black bag and some block heels. The statement necklace adds a nice pop of colour, perfect for Spring.

Black Jumper & White Skinny Jeans

1. Cat Eye Sunglasses £8 | 2. White Skinny Jeans £20 | 3. Black Ripped Fine Knit £8 | 4. Snakeskin Panel Clutch £20 | 5. Snakeskin Skinny Heels £20

For an evening look perfect for Spring, team your white skinny jeans with a black fine knit jumper for a great contrast. Finish with the usual suspects - a black clutch and black strappy heels.

Stripes & Double Denim

1. Light Grey Tote Bag £30 | 2. Blue Denim Jacket £20 | 3. White Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans £25 | 4. Fine Knit Striped Top £18 | 5. Pink Loafers £20

Finally for our last look, it's a super casual one that pairs the wardrobe staple striped top with a pair of ripped white skinny jeans and some super pretty flats. Add some finesse with a denim jacket tied around your waist and a light grey tote bag. 

What do you think of white skinny jeans? Would you wear these looks?
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5 Ways To Feel Better About Your Blog

Fashion Fade Magazine might just be over a year old, but us writers behind it have plenty of blogging experience, and today we want to give you some tips on how to feel better about your blog!

In a world where we see everybody's highlight reel, it's easy to become envious and feel down about our own efforts, so much so that you might even want to quit at times. Well, we're here to help you when you're in that blogging slump and in this article we have suggested five things that you can do to get out of it. 

Have a Re-design
Sometimes a little face lift is all what is needed! You look at your blog the most and over time it can start to feel a little stale. Some simple changes to your blog design or layout can quickly give it a new lease of life!

If you don't want to do all the html by yourself (it can be pretty scary but googling things really helps) then you can get some really great pre-made blog designs if you know where to look! We love ThemeXpose for professional (and free) designs!

Increase Your Views By Commenting On Others
Would more views and comments make you feel happier about your blog? Well sometimes it's the case that you only get what you give! So go read blogs and leave more comments than you usually would and we guarantee that you'll see a rise in views and comments yourself.

When it comes to leaving comments, we'd advise not leaving a "follow for a follow" or anything like that which can be seen as spam, but instead actually read the post and leave a comment that is relevant to it. Then sign off your comment with your name and your blog url, simple!

Also, those with a larger audience will often receive a lot of comments through their social media, so you might find better results if you search for blogs that are on par with your own, you never know you might find some new favourites too!

Focus on your skills, not your following
We know it's hard to compete with the bloggers that look like models and have professional photographers following them around on their weekends, but this doesn't mean you can't up your game even when these guys seem to be in a different league!

There are a few things that you can do to instantly improve your own photos.

1) Get to know your camera - Even if your camera is just your phone, you should still learn about the basics which include exposure, iso, aperture and shutter speed! Google is your best friend.

2) Find the best lighting - If you have to take photos inside, do it in front of a window. If you're heading outside, find some shade or use the golden hour with the sun to your back so you don't have any harsh shadows on your face.

3) Give yourself a break - Learning photography is a serious skill and if you're not even behind the camera and using a tripod, then it can be even harder to get right. It takes time and trial and error so don't beat yourself up about it!

If it's not your photos that are lacking, maybe it's your writing and in this case you can make your writing more personal so to let your readers really get to know the real you. Or maybe it's that you're not being true with your personal style, embracing your own style rather than trying to copy others is what will set you apart. Being honest pays.

Take a Break
If blogging is really getting you down then take a break! Nothing bad is going to happen if you do and you're not going to lose all of your readers. Sometimes it's really good to get away from the internet for a bit and come back with a fresh perspective.

See How Great Your Blog Really Is
You probably don't realise it, but your blog is actually pretty great! It's true that some people have readers in their millions and are raking in the dosh, but there are plenty of positives to not having masses of people reading about your life!

For one, the more attention your blog gets, the more negative attention it will attract. This is unfortunately how the internet works at the moment and all those amazingly talented bloggers who have done well for themselves have to put up with a lot of hate too just because some people don't realise that blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter.

Having a smaller audience also means it's easier for you to connect with them and build more personal relationships with other bloggers. Take the time to comment back and read the blogs of the bloggers that read yours and you'll feel much more positive about your blog. A lot of people do like to look up to celebrities and instagram-famous bloggers, but it's also true that they are more likely to identify with someone who they see as more of an "equal" and someone they can relate too.

It's also easier for blogs without millions of readers to switch things up without aggravating people. If you want to add in a book review for example, you won't get a bunch of people complaining about it. You can experiment with your blog and make it as varied as you like. Large, dedicated audiences get very attached to the way you were doing things when they started to follow you and it can be the case that if you don't change, some will complain you're getting boring and if you do change then some will say that they miss the "old" you. You can't win as you can never please everyone! It's a lot of pressure trying to please so many people!

The key thing to appreciating your blog more is realising that you can't just take elements of peoples lives without having to deal with the stuff that comes with it. You can't have their fancy photographer without having to spend your weekend driving to new locations and posing in the middle of the street with gawping passersby wondering what's going on. You can't have the million instagram followers without people commenting on your posts like you're not even there. You can't expect to have as much free time if you're heading off to meetings or glued to your laptop editing, networking and tweeting around the clock!

There is nothing wrong with having a smaller audience, and there is nothing wrong with you if you haven't reached internet fame. The internet is a funny old place so don't let it eat you up and spit you out! They say the key to happiness is gratitude!
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Top Street Style Colour Trend: Khaki

street style colour trend 2015 spring summer khaki outfits looks

During the Autumn/Winter season 2013, we saw a lot of the military trend and it has returned in 2015 for Spring/Summer! We think it is going to be a popular trend once again with everyone, including the men in your life.

Inspired by the military movement, something khaki is the next essential piece you have to have in your wardrobe! However, keep in mind that this season it's not all about camouflage but just keeping it plain and simple.

Khaki adds such a soft touch to every outfit making your look sexy and classic. It can be worn with anything in your wardrobe and can transform your outfits dramatically from day chic to evening glam!

Shop The Trend

For You

Topshop Jacket £68 |  H&M Jeans £30 | Newlook Top £15 | Newlook Bag £20 | H&M Hat £15
Office Boots £135 | M&S Sunglasses £15 | Topshop Earrings £4.50 | Topshop Watch £40

Topshop Split Back Top £30 | Newlook Pocket Dress £25 | ASOS Jumpsuit £50
River Island Heels £65 | Jason Wu Dress £2585

For Him

Mr Porter Jacket $730  | H&M Jeans £20 | River Island T-shirt £18 | River Island Bag £35
Paul Smith Shoes $298 | Guess Watch £103

What do you think of the khaki colour trend? Will you be wearing it this spring/summer?
This article was written by Zodie Myles from live love inspire fashion. Follow Zodie's blog for more current trends, styling advice, outfits and street style inspirations. You can also keep up with her on instagram @fashioniswhatyoumakeit

Pastel Chic Nails

Blogger Spotlight: It's All About Sonia

Fashion blogger Sonia describes herself as a typical girl who loves fashion, but a lover of fashion does not cover the fact that she has great style too! We would describe her style as classic with a twist! She is beautiful with the most enviable thick dark hair and her blog is one we would recommend keeping up with. It's full of simple yet classic pieces often paired together with hot prints and killer shoes!

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We're Loving... Vertical Stripes

We have all probably got a breton top or two in our wardrobes, but this Spring introduce yourself to the vertical stripe! Not only is this print slimming, drawing your eye downwards, but it's also just that little extra bit trendier, or so we think so anyway.

The horizontal stripe is classic and a staple most of us love, but the vertical stripe is not seen as much and so makes you stand out just that little bit more. Plus they look extra awesome when paired with horizontal stripes! What do you think?

As you can see there are many ways to wear this trend and there are also various different styles of vertical stripes available, from the classic pinstripe to something a little bit wider.

Shop The Trend

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Blogger Spotlight: Nanda Schwarz

German blogger Nanda Schwarz has currently got us glued to our screens. This 19-year-old beauty has the kind of boho style that is hard to replicate, but believe us when we say that we'll be trying to add a little of her boho influence to our own looks ;) Nanda certainly is a cutie who has personal style by the bucket-load!

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