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May 05, 2015

7 Ways To Grow Your Blog & Increase Your Traffic & Follower Count

7 Ways To Grow Your Blog & Increase Your Traffic & Follower Count

Today we've put together a few of our top tips on how to increase your traffic and follower count in order to grow your blog!

1) Get Following Others

You can't just rely on people finding you and sometimes you have to find them! Get on your social media and go find people who you feel are like-minded. If you follow and interact with them, they might see your follow and check out your sites.

You might just end up with someone who turns out to become a big fan of your blog and decides to share your blog with all their blogging friends! You never know - point is this person would have never found your blog if you hadn't found theirs.

2) Get Commenting and Interacting With Other Bloggers

This follows on from point one about how to get more people to find your blog. You don't want to leave spammy "follow for a follow" comments, but if you leave a genuine comment and then a link to your blog after, they are much more likely to check it out.

3) Get Collaborating 

Do you have good friends in the blogging world? Well why not help each other out with guest posts and promoting each other on social media. The same goes with contacting brands with a deal to promote each other.

4) Improve Your Photography Skills

So the standards of photography in blogging have gotten pretty high but you don't have to keep up with top 1% who have photographers taking their imagery for them. However don't let this dishearten you, you can improve your own to make your photos more bright and clear. Taking the time to learn a few tips and tricks will really help you out.

Our top tip: Light is your best friend, no matter what camera you use or where you take your photos, it's all about having lots of light! 

5) Quality Not Quantity

You are more likely to see better results if you put more energy into one post a week than rushing through 5! Take your time on creating content you would be interested in reading yourself.

Writing personal posts that people find relatable or at least intriguing is a great way to grab peoples attention. Look into your stats and see what kind of content is bringing your readers in and try and improve in that sector.

You can apply this to your social media as well, if pinterest is bringing a lot of people to your blog but your instagram isn't, then focusing on pinterest rather than spreading yourself thin over multiple social medias seems like the way to go!

6) Master SEO 

Search Engine Optimization doesn't have to be scary and having some quick and easy rules in mind when creating your posts will really help you out when it comes to the number of people who find you via search engines.

Firstly, keep your title relevant to the post, secondly, set a keyword for your post and use it as much as possible without going overkill (also if you use this word in other posts - always link back!) and our final tip would be to add ALT tags to your imagery describing the content!

7) Just Keep Swimming

Blogging has it's highs and lows. Always wanting to be bigger and get better means that you're more likely to focus on "why aren't I gaining followers" over "wow look at these people who are already following me".

Some people get overnight internet fame, but for a lot of others their success has come gradually by keeping up with their blog over the years. So it's best to just keep blogging and try to be grateful for how far you've already come. 

If you've mastered the first 6 of our points, then this 7th one is the most important one for you! If your readers pick up on the fact that you aren't happy with your blog unless it has hundreds of thousands of followers then they may lose interest. This could be because they don't feel appreciated and will find it harder to connect with you if you give off vibes that they as readers are not good enough.

Do you have any tips on how to grow your blog?
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these great tips!


  2. These are great tips! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    xo, Liz

  3. These tips are so helpful. Thank you!!

    TRISHA /

  4. Great tips! Reading them they seem so obvious, but before reading them you're like... uhhh... what now?! :) I'll be sure to use them for my new blog, Thx again R xo

  5. I've found that Bloglovin' helped my follower number raise A LOT. I used to only get like one follower to every two days now I get about 10 a day.

  6. Thank you so much for this post. I attribute being a newbie to the blogging world to riding a roller coaster. It has it's up's and down's and I frequently feel like screaming, laughing, and tossing my cookies within the same day. You've motivated me to keep truckin' and just enjoy the ride ;) <3

  7. I really found this helpful and definitely will be checking out more of your blog. I would really appreciate it if you could have a look at my blog and give some more advice.


    Amy x

  8. Thank for sharing. I think comment on blogger posts works well

  9. Loved reading this, very helpful. Now on the hunt to find out what Alt tags are for images!
    Charlotte //

  10. Such an amazing tips and very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing.


  11. I have been blogging for a week and I am in love. This post is very helpful and inspiring. I'm hoping to take mine far.

    Thank you!


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