6 of Last Year's Trends That We'll Still Be Rocking This Spring

Saturday, April 04, 2015

We at Fashion Fade are big advocators of the motto, if you like it, wear it! Which means that even if we wore some trends last year, we're gonna rock them this year too if we are feeling it. Today we've scooped through the archives and had a look at which of last year's trends we'll be sporting this Spring.


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Oh the marmite birkenstock style sandal, how we love you! For us you're the perfect staple that beats flip-flops 10 times out of 10! There is just something about them which is so laid back and cool. They can be rocked with almost everything from dresses to jeans. We definitely won't be giving you up this year!

Boyfriend Jeans

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Boyfriend jeans.. at first we kind of didn't like you that much, but that was down to our own insecurities that we couldn't pull you off unless we were a 6 foot model. However, over the past year we've come to love you quite a lot and we've realised that you look good on all shapes and sizes! We are digging the rips no matter how much our elders say we need to buy a new pair of jeans. And rolling them up at the cuff? Well that's a style trick we can't get enough of!  


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Ah trainers, who would have thought they'd be so huge! Mixing sporty items with our usual gear isn't getting old for us yet. Pair your trainers with ultra-feminine pieces like lace skirts or keep it real sleek with something more tailored.

All White

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White on white has to be one of the freshest looking trends around! It's so summery, and if you dare to wear, so chic! Also, it's incredibly simple, take your white jeans and pair it with a white shirt and you're done! Looking stylish has never been so easy. 

Trench Coat

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The beautiful trench coat, how you add class to so many different looks! Plus you're guaranteed to feel like some kind of secret agent when you're wearing one of these bad boys. You can wear them right through sping with jeans and dresses.


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Culottes look like a really hard trend to pull off, but we say that you have to give them a try before you completely dismiss them - they might surprise you! It's an edgier alternative to the midi dress and can be styled for a formal or casual environment, it really is a diverse piece! 

What trends will be making a comeback for you this Spring?
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  1. Great post! I like the Birkenstock Trend!
    Victoria | GlamFizz
    or follow on Instagram

  2. Bf jeans, sneakers and trench coat are my fave trends for spring ever. All together they look even more amazing <3

    Kisses, Kali


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