The 70s Comeback Trend: Flares

Thursday, February 19, 2015


As much as fashion is ever-changing and ever-evolving, it's not rare at all for trends to make a comeback. In fact, we love a good comeback trend because if anything it really does show the evolution of fashion throughout the years. Today's comeback trend of discussion is the flared trouser. When you compare today's outfits featuring flares with those back in the 70s you can tell how style has evolved despite that it's the same trend.

This flared trend has been on our radar for quite some time, but now seems a better time than any to really embrace this trend. So we've gathered some street style snaps which we hope give you a little inspiration on how to style this trend this decade.

Those who are attached to their skinny jeans may fear this trend, but please give it a try! They can be surprisingly flattering in the fact that they balance out your curves and make your pins leaner and longer (especially when worn with heels).

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Shop The Trend:

1. New Look Flare Suit Trouser £13 | 2. ASOS High Waisted Cotton Flared Trousers £30 | 3. ASOS High Waist Jersey Flares £25

4. Liquor & Poker High Rise Skinny Flared Jeans £35 | 5. Noisy May Flared Jeans £35 | 6. ASOS Tailored Flared Trousers £35

What do you think of the flares trend? Do you think flared pants should have stayed in the 70s? Which of these looks would you rock?
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  1. I Zurich yesterday - I was thinking exactly the same about the come back in trends. Love your post.


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