Contour like a Kardashian!

Contouring was so 2014? Uh, Na! Just like red lipstick, contouring is here to stay. There is just something magical about contouring, in our girly eyes anyways. We love the way you can beautifully enhance your features. You can even create bigger nostrils, how fabulous is that?!

But like anything magical and fun, there is of course rules... Ever wondered how Kim Kardashian contours so well? Because she sticks to them, heck she made the rules!

Rule One:
Blending, blending, blending. You don't want that boy you're on a date with to realise you have contoured, and that the beautiful glowy highlight he can't stop staring at is nothing but an illusion. So blend to your little hearts content, no matter how long it takes in the morning the finished look will be worth it!

Rule Two:

Don't go cray. You know what I mean, a pitch black bronzer to get the job done faster? Nope it doesn't work like that. Use a matte browny shade to create a much more natural shadow effect. Like eye-shadow, just add more if you want to tone it up a bit.

...and finally, because with make-up there shouldn't be too many rules,

Rule Three:
Discover your natural face shape and work with it (diagram below)

Work with what you have in order to create the most natural contour. It will also allow you to work to enhance your features rather than add fake ones.

What are your thoughts on contouring? We'd love to know!
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  1. I love it, and it's definitely not being left behind in '14 for me either! x

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