Ultimate Fall Denim Guide

Denim jeans, timeless, versatile and an essential for every woman. Denim stays with us year after year, but with each new season the designers offer up new styles and trends. If you want to know what denim jeans are hot this fall, then keep reading for your guide to this season's ultimate denim trends.

Boyfriend Jeans

If you didn't know that boyfriend jeans were trending this fall then where have you been for the last year?! Dress them up with shirts and heels or down with baggy sweatshirts and trainers.

Cropped Jeans

Ankle biters are fashionable now, who would have thought it?? Either buy yours cropped or roll up the hem for a quick fix. This look works with skinny jeans and even looser styles like the boyfriend jean. It however, does not work with any jeans that are even slightly flared. cropped skinny jeans - top uk fashion blog trends 2014 street style outfits
cropped boyfriend jeans - top uk fashion blog trends 2014 street style outfits

Rocker Jeans

If these looser styles aren't for you, don't worry, skinny jeans are still making the rounds. This season, opt for a pair of black skinny jeans in an ultra cool, rock chick style. Get bonus points for a pair that is ripped or in leather.
rock chic - black skinny jeans - top uk fashion blog trends 2014 street style outfits
black skinny jeans - top uk fashion blog trends 2014 street style outfits

White Jeans

With winter whites being a big trend, you'd be missing out if you didn't own a white pair of jeans this season! You can find white jeans in almost any style now, from boyfriend to ripped skinnies.
white skinny jeans - top uk fashion blog trends 2014 street style outfits
white boyfriend jeans - top uk fashion blog trends 2014 street style outfits

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High-Rise Jeans

Although not for everyone, the high-rise jean adds a vintage vibe to your look. From skinnies to mom jeans, these high-risers will draw attention to your waist, complementing your curves. 
high waisted cropped jeans - top uk fashion blog trends 2014 street style outfits
high waist rise boyfriend jeans - top uk fashion blog trends 2014 street style outfits

Flared Jeans

Last but by no means least are flared jeans! These ultra flattering jeans can make your legs look like they go on for miles, especially if paired with a heeled or wedged shoe. These jeans instantly create a very chic and stylish vibe.  
flared jeans - top uk fashion blog trends 2014 street style outfits
flared jeans - top uk fashion blog trends 2014 street style outfits

What denim are you looking to wear this fall?
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Moschino's Barbie SS15 Capsule Collection: Hot or Not?

Oh Moschino, first you caught our attention and our taste buds with your McDonald's phone case and now you're making us feel overwhelmed with childhood memories! When I first saw the Barbie collection strut down the catwalk I was flooded with childhood memories, all those times I would dress up my barbies and throw diva strops when I couldn't get Barbie's top over her head. Was I the only one who seemed to be incapable of doing that small task?

Barbie has always been so controversial for the dolls body shape, appearance and all that jazz. But if I am being completely honest, I really do love the collection.

Fashion week is filled to the brim with designers and brands trying to stand out from the crowd and well, Moschino your collection certainty caught my attention! So much so I might even splurge on the phone case, as you know, its about the only thing I can afford without going into massive debt. 

My favourite piece is the two piece (2nd picture from the left). It reminds me of Kim Kardashion's style but with just a bit more edge, or perhaps a lot more edge... 

Now can someone recommend me some good bleach and blonde hair dye so I can be a part of this unique trend please?

We would love to know your opinion on Moschino's collection in the comments, positive or negative!

This article was written by Soph from www.vavaviolet.com Follow Soph's personal beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog to keep up with what she's up too!

It's Okay...

...to not go out every weekend
Being alone is not only good for us, it's important! Being alone doesn't necessarily mean you're lonely. Being alone gives you time to find out who you are and do the things you enjoy. As social creatures we are constantly influenced by the people around us, so if you never take time to be alone, how will you be able to distinguish who your true self is?

...to watch too many films/series
Watching films and series is the 21st century way of reading. Yes we know its not the same thing, and personally we are avid believers in the books beating the films 99% of the time. However, books and films do have a lot in common. They both allow you to walk in someone else's shoes, which will help you develop empathy and compassion for others. They allow you to gain perspective on what it is like for people in different social dynamics, situations and countries. They both also increase cognitive thinking and brain activity, especially those films that leave you thinking!

...to feel sad sometimes
Even if on paper your life seems pretty perfect, it's still okay to feel sad sometimes. You shouldn't feel guilty that you feel sad either just because there are people who are in worse situations to you. We have the right to feel down, and the right to want to improve our lives. But this doesn't mean you should be negative about the situation. Try to embrace your sadness in a positive light, and understand that it is natural for you to feel this way as it just means that you are striving to improve yourself. If work gets you down or maybe it's your friends (or lack of), embrace your sadness and don't wallow in it. Use it to help motivate you to make things better. Write down exactly why you feel this way and the things you can do to improve your situation. Surround yourself with positive people and focus your attention on the solution not the problem!

Of course if you have persistent sadness with little understanding as to why you feel this way, do talk about it with an expert. 

...to feel like you don't know what you're doing or where you're going 
The fact that we don't know what the future may hold should be exciting not daunting! J.K Rowling went from single mother on benefits to a well-reclaimed author in just three years. She didn't plan it or expect it, she focused on what she wanted to do in the present and focused her energy there, in the present, not in the unpredictable future! Take routes you're uncertain of and maybe make a few mistakes, because it's never too late to pick yourself up and turn your whole life around if things go wrong!

...to not be doing what other people think you "should" be doing
It's important to trust yourself, just because you're not living your life the way the majority do, doesn't mean it's necessarily the wrong way to do it! For example, everyone thinks it's normal to go out and get a job.. well read these 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job and you might see how many benefits there are to going against the norm!

( A Must Read: How You Should Live Your Life )

...to self-indulge
We love fashion and makeup and changing our hair, and so what! As long as this isn't all our life is then who is anyone to judge us! It's our hobby and passion so we are allowed to own too many lipsticks or more shoes than we actually need. This doesn't make us selfish or shallow, as it's not all we are, and we're sure it's not all you are either. Many of us are feminists, animal rights activists, fighting against global warming and supporters of so many other good causes. We didn't all take the #nomakeupselfie to get attention and compliments, no many of us actually wanted to contribute to a good cause (see this viewpoint on mixing vanity and charity in the nomakeupselfie trend for example!). Also, take Emma Watson, she's a beautiful stylish actress who likes to wear lipstick and pretty dresses on the red carpet, but she's also, and most importantly, an amazing and inspirational person who is politically involved with very important movements such as the #HeForShe campaign. (We urge you to watch her powerful speech here if you haven't already.) 

How much do you agree with us? If not, how come?

Please note this is all just our opinion drawn from personal experience and the views in this post may vary from person to person, never be too heavily influenced by what you read and always seek professional help upon making a decision that has a dramatic impact on your life or health. 

Shop The Looks: 3 Ways To Wear Lace Skirts

The lace skirt is ultra feminine and, thanks to the designers, is now right on trend. Don't think of lace as your Grandparent's curtains, think of it as a super versatile and stylish material when styled the right way. Today we show you three of our favourite outfits featuring the lace skirt alongside a little outfit guide showing you how to shop the look right now! Enjoy...

Look One | Casual Romantic

1. Bank Striped Tshirt £15.00 | 2. Missguided Lace Trim Skirt £14.99 | 3. Newlook Sunglasses £2.00 | 4. Ravel Mariah Leopard Print Leather Studded Shoes £35.00 | 5. Missguided Nude Shopper Bag £19.99
The lace and neutral stripes work so well together, and the sunglasses add a sleek vibe. The studded leopard print shoes add some edge whilst also addsing the fun element of print clashing to the outfit, which is balanced out by the feminine tote bag. 

Look Two | Tomboy Twist

1. Bank Printed Sweatshirt £20.00 | 2. Fashion Union White Lace Skirt £18.00 | 3. Boohoo Snake Print Clutch £18.00 | 4. Newlook Leather Peep Toe Boots £49.99
We are a big fan of outfits that combine together elements from several different styles. This look takes the feminine lace skirt, combines it with a boyish logo sweatshirt and finishes with a pair of tough buckle ankle boots. The look is made complete with a slick of retro red lipstick and a clutch bag. 

Look Three | Metallic Touch

1. Vero Moda Metallic Top £13.00 | 2. ASOS Quilted Clutch £18.00 | 3. Vila Lace Pencil Skirt £22.00 | 4. River Island Gold & Black Belt £6.00 | 5. Newlook Black & White Heels £23.00
A lace pencil skirt makes a nice change from your typical tailored work skirt. For an outfit with a difference, team the lace with a metallic thread top. Add a gold and black belt to draw attention to your waist and tie your hair back in a sleek style. Finish with a pair of monochrome heels and a quilted bag for the ultimate chic look. 

Do you like the lace trend? Which of these outfits is your favourite? How would you style the lace pencil skirt?
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Looks For Less: Ashley Tisdale

Lately we've been loving Ashley's relaxed and easy style, which is why we've chosen two looks and have created an outfit guide showing you how to get the look without the celebrity pricetag! Let us know which look is your favourite and if you like taking outfit inspiration from the celebs!

Look One: Baggy Knit Jumper & Boyfriend Jeans

Ashley Tisdale Street Style Fall Fashion Outfits 2014 - Boyfriend Jeans, Red Shoes, Baggy Knit Jumper
1. H&M Oversized Jumper £12.00 | 2. Boohoo Boyfriend Jeans £20.00 | 3. Newlook Red Platform Heeled Shoes £27.99
Ashely shows us how to wear baggy layers and still look chic! She pairs a loosely fit knit jumper with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans then finishes the look with a pair of red heeled shoes. The shoes really pull the look together and lengthen the silhouette which helps flatter Ashley's frame.

Look Two: Striped Crop Top & Orange Shorts 

1. Newlook Striped High Neck Crop Top £7.99 | 2. Newlook Orange Belted Shorts £17.99 | 3. ASOS Square Cat Eye Sunglasses £5.50 | 4. ASOS Quilted Bag £20.00 | 5. ASOS Biker Boots £42.00
For a punchy look, Ashley pairs some bright orange shorts with a high neck striped crop top. She adds a grungy element to the look with a pair of biker boots and a pair of black sunglasses. Finally, she finishes the look with a cross body bag with chain strap detailing. Simple, but effective. 

Which of these looks would you wear? Do you like Ashley's style?
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Top 10: Fashion Union

1. Rose Monochrome Playsuit £28
This cute playsuit is perfect for layering under your autumn coats and for pairing with tights when the weather gets colder.

2. Green Wool Boyfriend Jacket £60
It might be tempting to stick to good old versatile black when it comes to your autumn coats, but we suggest breaking that habit with at least one coloured coat this season! We love the unique green shade of this jacket.

3. Cream Faux Fur Jacket £46
Who doesn't love too wrap up in a cuddly fur coat! This teddy bear coat will keep you warm and stylish.

4. Jacquard Mini Skirt £20
To be worn with your comfiest knit jumpers, this jacquard print mini skirt is reminiscent of the 60s, which is one of this seasons hottest trends.

5. Check Print Boyfriend Coat £45
The boyfriend coat trend is going nowhere and we are loving this monochrome check print one as it will make even the most simplest of outfits interesting in no time at all!

6. Lightening Print Trousers £22 £11
When we start making the switch from shorts to trousers, you don't always have to stick to the basics. Branch out in style with these lightening printed trousers!

7. Sunflower Print Crop Top £14
Just because summer is over doesn't mean you have to stop wearing your florals. Opting for a bright floral print splashed on a black background will help make this print more season-appropriate.

8. Double Buckle Boots £44
One thing that you must invest in for A/W is a pair of study and comfortable black boots! These boots will help see you through all types of weather whilst looking stylish too.

9. Burgundy Peep Toe Boots £42
Switch those dainty strappy heeled sandals for a pair of chunky boots with a monster heel! The peep toe dresses up the shoe whilst the burgundy shade is perfect for autumn.

10. White Chelsea Boots £30 £15
Who says you can't keep wearing white after labour day?! These white chelsea boots will brighten up your winter outfits. We picture these paired with black ripped skinny jeans. 
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12 Simple & Chic University Outfit Ideas

So, you're heading back to uni or starting out new and you're stuck for some simple and comfortable outfit ideas that are also stylish and chic? Well, we've put together 12 killer street style looks that we think are perfect for Uni and we hope they inspire you in your outfit choices this semester!

All Black Outfit Paired With A Statement Coat

back to school outfit ideas - all black outfit with statement printed jacket coat flats street style look
Coats are perfect for bringing life back to an outfit you've worn time after time. This fall, we recommend investing in some printed coats that you can layer over anything from dresses to luxe jogger-style trousers.

Beige Knit Jumpers Worn Over Summer Skirts & Shorts 

back to school outfit ideas - beige knit sweaters jumpers paired - midi skirt - shorts - ankle boots - loafers - street style looks
A chunky baggy knit is an essential for fall. They are best used for transitioning your summer wardrobe into this season by pairing them with skirts and shorts! For footwear, androgynous loafers and small heeled ankle boots are both popular and comfortable choices this fall that add the perfect finishing touch to most outfits.

Button Down Shirt Paired With Skinny Jeans

back to school outfit ideas - white pinstripe shirt button down - skinny jeans - ankle boots - street style looks
Image via sincerlyjules & harpersbazaar
A smart shirt in a slightly loose casual style is a great way to instantly make a pair of skinny jeans chic! The denim will keep the look youthful and avoid it looking to office-esque. 

Black Trousers & Sneakers

back to school outfit ideas - white pinstripe shirt button down - skinny jeans - ankle boots - street style looks
Image via camilleovertherainbow & harperandharley
A stylish pair of sneakers are perfect for uni when you're rushing around campus! We'd opt for either some classic converse or a pair of running trainers. Pair them with skinny jeans and a sweatshirt for a real simple and comfy look, or use them along with a denim jacket to dress down a pair of trousers.

Jumpers With Boyfriend Jeans

university outfit ideas - white boyfriend jeans ripped distressed - striped roll neck jumper - cropped sweater - pointed loafers - strappy gladiator sandals - street style looks
Image via lookdepernille & thefashionthroughmyeyes
If you didn't know boyfriend jeans were trending right now, then where have you been?! This season pair them with loose or cropped jumpers, pointed toe flats and strappy chunky sandals!

Tartan Shirt & Denim

university outfit ideas - plaid tartan shirts - white skinny jeans - heeled ankle boots - dark wash denim jacket - khaki utility jacket - street style fashion blogger looks
Images via hapatime & thelittlemagpie
Tartan for fall is still going strong, use your tartan shirt to add extra layers and dimension to your look, either by tying it around your waist or wearing it unbuttoned over another top.
What are your favourite outfits to wear to university? Which of these looks would you wear?
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