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It's true, prints are not for everyone, some people like a much more minimalist look. However, there are quite a few of us that are print mad! You start by maybe adding a printed bag to your look, next it's a printed shirt, then a pair of printed trousers and before you know it there is little left in your wardrobe that isn't printed. The thing we love about prints is how unique they can be, you might already own a black top, but you probably don't own a top in print X or Y or Z... so you just can't not buy it!
Now once you've surrendered to your love for print, you should consider all the benefits of print clashing. If you get it right, an abundance of unique and fashionable outfits will be available at your fingertips! Check out three of our favourite print clashing combinations and a guide on how you can get the look along with some little fashion tips and tricks on how to pull of this trend.

Look One | Striped Tee & Floral Trousers

how to wear clashing prints outfit street style trend fashion 2014
Photo via lateafternoon 
This look works for several reasons. Firstly, the colour scheme. This colour scheme works because the blogger has kept the most dominant colours in the same hues, which happen to be neutrals. There are small pops of colour in the trousers, but the main colours run in the same family. Secondly, she has added solid colours into the mix with her bag and shoes. Thirdly, she has opted for one of the prints to be stripes - stripes serve as the "neutral" in the print world and are without a doubt the easiest print to clash with.

Look Two | Floral On Floral 

This fashionista also adds block colours to her look in order to tone down the clashing prints. For her prints however, she's chosen the same pattern, floral, but in different colours. Despite being different colours, they are in similar hues which is what makes this look work so well.

Look Three | Striped Top & Leo Print Flats

how to wear clashing prints outfit street style trend fashion 2014 leopard print shoes striped top
Photo vis trendytaste
1. Newlook Burgundy Double Flap Contrast Panel Satchel £18 | 2. French Connection TimTim Jersey Top In Stripe £30 | 3. Newlook Black Leather Look Mini Skirt £15 | 4. Ravel Mariah Leopard Print Leather Studded Detail Flat Shoes £35 
For a much more subtle approach to the print clashing trend, separate your prints with a block colour. The easiest way to do this is by wearing a printed top, a block coloured bottom, then shoes in a clashing print. This is definitely a great way for those unsure about the trend to incorporate it into their wardrobe.

What do you think of these looks? Which one would you wear?
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We're bringing beauty back!

Who said make-up isn’t fashion? There is nothing more fashionable than a bold red lip and smokey lids. Today on Fashion Fade we are going to be showing you how to make your face as fashionable as your wardrobe!

12 Of The Hottest Blogger Looks This Week!

We, just like millions of other fashionistas, love looking to fashion bloggers for inspiration. This week we've put together 12 hot looks featuring 12 different fashion bloggers and 6 hot fashion trends.

Transitioning From Summer To Fall

Image via camilleovertherainbow & neonblush

Denim Shorts

Images via songofstlye & trendytaste

 Distressed Skinny Jeans

Images via hellofashionblog & hapatime

 Tropical Prints

Images via pagesbymegan & xandervintage

 White On White 

Images via fashionvibe & victoriatornegren

 Wide Brimmed Fedora Hats

Images via tovogueorbust & thelittlemagpie
Which outfits suit your style? Who are your favourite bloggers? What trends are you loving at the moment?
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ASOS Top Sale Picks!

We love a good sale, especially if it's an ASOS one! However, sometimes when there is so much added to the sale, it can be hard to shift through all of the rubbish to find the good stuff. Which is why we've put together our top choices from the ASOS sale. Do let us know what sale purchases you'll be making!

1. Playful Promises Tie Dye Strappy Back Playsuit £40 £26| 2. Glamorous Shorts in Velvet Floral Print £24 £16
3. Flynn Skye Kimono in Feather Print £132 £48 | 4. Flynn Skye Dressy Jumpsuit in He Loves Me Print £161 £60

1. Neon Rose Leather Look Jacket With Embossed Stud Detail £60 £35 |2. Glamorous Mini Skirt in PU £29 £18
3. Glamorous Midi Skirt In Check Print £17 £12 | 4. Motel Venus Dress £38 £25

What will you be buying from the ASOS sale?
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Ways to Wear a Head Scarf

All images via Pinterest

One of the easiest ways to create an interesting hairstyle with little skill or effort is with the head scarf!

How do you wear yours?
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Ways To Wear Cobalt Blue

Images via Marialilius, Hapatime & HarpersBazaar
Cobalt blue is a wonderfully rich colour that suits all skintones and hair colours. It is perfect for people who don't like much colour in their wardrobe as it's not overpowering yet it still makes an impact.

Images via chicisimo, vanessajackmanDamsel In Dior
It looks so sleek and luxurious on loose silky fabrics and it looks great with both neutrals and colours.

Images via wiehundundkatze, popsugar, kokoluxe & 
It's a colour that can be worn casually or for an evening out, and you can wear as little or as much of it as you like in one outfit without it looking over the top.

Images via stockholm streetstyle & streetpeeper
What do you think of cobalt blue? What's your favorite way to wear it?
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Blogger Spotlight: Emily Cocklin

Emily Cocklin, who blogs over at, is 19-year-old web merchandiser and social media manger for an online jewellery company. She loves fashion and fashion design and hopes to one day launch her own clothing line! We adore her edgy and daring style and she is truly the master of layering!

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Hair Trend: Sombre!

So we all know of the ombre trend by now, but you might not be as accustomed to sombre? Sombre is a term for "subtle ombre" meaning that the transition between the two colours is much more gradual using a mixture of highlights and lowlights to create the desired effect rather than block colour.

Sombre hair is a bit more complicated than the traditional ombre where the lighter colour was applied in a dip-dye method. Sombre doesn't always remove all elements of the darker shade from the lower half of the hair.

This style is perfect for those that are already blonde! The ombre required more of a contrast in shades whereas the sombre does not.

It's also great for dark brunettes who want to add a touch of light to their look.

All images via Pinterest

What do you think of the sombre hair trend?
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