Fashion Icon: Vanessa Hudgens

Boho-babe Vanessa Hudgens has been on our fashion radar for a long time now, and it just seems as if her looks are getting better and better as she becomes accustomed to her personal style. She is the queen of Coachella and she doesn't leave the festival look behind as she always seems to be able to add a touch of carefree boho-chic to her outfits whether she's attending an event or just going to the shops.

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Do you like Vanessa's style? Which looks are your favourites?
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Blogger Spotlight: How Two Live

This week features another twin sister blogging duo, only this pair are from Melbourne, Australia. They describe themselves as Globe-trotting, platform-wearing, cafe-hopping, haircut-hating, dog-obsessing, tuna-eating, sun-worshipping, market-going sisters! We simply adore their love for loud prints, bold colours and co-ordinate dressing!

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Forever 21 Summer Bargains!

We love good affordable fashion, which is why Forever 21 is one of our favourite places to shop! Now we know that Forever 21 has so much stuff that it can be a bit daunting, which is why we've put together our favourite Forever 21 summer bargains! Enjoy!

Do you like to shop at Forever 21? Which piece here is your favourite?
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Need some make-up inspiration ladies?

Ladies... We all have times where we lack inspiration for something. Whether it be work, going to the gym, decorating the apartment or for what to put on your face and where to put it. Yes, we are talking about when we lack inspiration for our make-up, as you take that last sip of your morning coffee to discover you have no idea what kind of look you want for your face that day. 
So what to do in a disaster like this? Well, of course, just about how we handle any disaster now a days... google it. We always type in our favourite celebrities, current trends and what not to gather inspiration! We suggest making a mood board, full to the brim with your favourite seasonal trends, female celebs or even eyeshadow looks that you found on YouTube that you loved! 
So when that dreaded uncreative sip of your coffee comes along you can take it right back to the board!

Unsure on where to start?

We have a suggestion of some celebrities that may be able to help you out.
Kylie Jenner - Check out Kylie's instagram, full of selfies which are packed with make-up ideas, the girl sure knows how to handle her mascara!
Rihanna - We suggest searching on google 'Rihanna magazine photoshoot', especially if you want something really creative. All the looks are so different and unique, so there is bound to be something for everyone!
Eva Longoria - Eva is a goddess when it comes down to the basics such as a smokey eye and a bit of nude lipstick, just for when you need that little boost! 

Let us know in the comments how you inspire yourself when it comes down to make-up? Perhaps it's a blogger or youtuber? Send us their links in the comments!

Written by our beauty columnist, Soph -
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Blogger Spotlight: Teeth Are Jade

Teeth Are Jade is written by blogging duo (and twins) Desi & Nisi! Their blog is about fashion, beauty & lifestyle. It's a place where they share their outfits, their wants and their recommendations as well as their daily lives! They are both beautiful, have chic and fabulous outfits and not to forget, amazing hair!

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Let's go to the beach, each!

The sun bathes over you, as you rock that seasonal lip shade that's been in your make-up stash all year untouched. You look down as the bright shades of your toe nails shine back up at you and lets not forget that gleaming healthy tan!

For summer we have been loving Hawaiian Tropic products, not only do they protect your skin from sun damage but also help to hydrate the skin and leave a glowing finish! 3 in 1 or what?

To get that glowing, perfect skin we highly recommend Soap and Glorys The Breakfast Scrub! Not too rough and not too soft, it is, as red riding hood would say 'the perfect breakfast'. 

Throughout summer we will be rocking bright nails and toe nails, from pinks to blues to oranges! Essie polishes and Barry M Nail Paints are with out a doubt two of the best brands out there, especially for their pretty shade collection. 

We have also shaped up our make-up stashes and brought the summer lipsticks to the front! MAC's Candy Yum-Yum is sure going to get its wear this season.

Lastly ladies, we all want a tan. But the downside to that is our foundation being too light afterwards, so we recommend buying a cheap bronzer just to bronze up the whole face and give it a more tanned complexion! We highly recommend H&M's own branded bronzer and MUA's sold in Superdrug!

What beauty products are you most excited about for summer? We would love to know!
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More Ways To Wear The Birkenstock /Sliders Trend

Images via shinyhappythingss x3 & closetfulofclothes
Love them or hate them, the birkenstock/slider craze is one we are going to be seeing all summer long. If you are a lover of this ugly shoe just as much as we are, then you might want to check out the different ways you can style them! If you need a reason/excuse to love this sandal, how about the fact that Alexa Chung rocks them on a frequent basis?!
Images via creativityandchocolateordainingserendipity, thisjanewayne & irbyindiarose
You can style them with maxi skirts, luxe joggers, dresses and even tailored trousers! We are starting to think that there is nothing you can't wear them with! However, we haven't seen them rocked on the red carpet yet, so maybe keep them just for casual wear...
Images via fashionmenow, theiconic, teetharejade & stylecredential

Shop The Trend

1. ASOS Fold Up Sliders £18 | 2. Boohoo Cross Strap Slider £12 | 3. Boohoo Jelly Strap Slider £12 | 4. Missguided White Buckle Platform Sandals £19.99 | 5. Missguided Black Buckle Platform Sandals £17.99 | 6. Missguided Pink Holographic Platform Sandals £17.99 | 7. Newlook Silver Strap Sliders £9.50
What do you think of this unexpected trend? Is it one you'll be wearing this summer?
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Blogger Spotlight: Inside In, Inside Out

21 year old twins Fabliha and Tasfia are one fierce blogging duo from Aus! Their blog, Inside In, Inside Out, is a photographic documentation of their daily lives, travels and outfit. They have a strong sense of style and aren't afraid to be daring in loud prints and strong silhouettes. 

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Let's tackle our hair!

Flat hair? But you want big, stylish, catwalk hair? So you can strut through town feeling like you're on a red carpet? Yeah, so do we!

Luckily enough for us flat hair ladies, or if you just want some added volume, brands across the drugstore are now selling sculpting powders. Which do exactly that, sculpt your hair. Their formulas are powdery and so easy to get your desired finish. Simply dust into your roots, then rub into your hair quickly so it doesn't become clumpy (not sexy!). We love that they are super small and diddy as well so they easily fit into our tiny but stylish handbags!

Fashion Icon: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has far outgrown her status as "Paris Hilton's best friend" and is now a fashion icon in her own right. We love the way she makes crazy hair colours chic and how she's not afraid to play about with new styles and daring silhouettes. Lately, we really feel like she has been killing it with the outfits she's been spotted in.

We aren't ones that believe in limiting yourself in fashion, and nor is Nicole! We adore how one day she is dressing a bit rock and roll then the next really feminine in pretty pastels.

Nicole's slim figure means that there isn't much she can't wear, we are envious of the way she can pull of baggy jeans just as well as short denim cut-offs.

Nicole looks fab in both grungy and chic styles, and we love that she isn't one of those celebrities that is always in heels. It definitely makes her style more relatable!

If there is a trend worth trying out, Nicole has already been there. From palazzo pants and crop tops to the all-white look, we know we can rely on this babe to show us how it's done!

What do you think of Nicole Richie's style? Do you like any of these looks?
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10 Ways To Style Short Hair

For those with short hair, it can sometimes feel like you're limited in the way you can style it compared to those with a longer cut. However, we like to think differently! Inspired by the beautiful Julianne Hough, we've put together a list of the different ways you can style your short hair. These hairstyles are so hot that it is making even us with long hair consider the big chop!

The Quiffed Up-Do

The quiffed updo looks effortless yet glamorous, and is pretty simple to do. Begin by backcombing the roots whilst using hairspray to add volume, then loosely pin back the layers at the front, making sure they are quiffed up. Finally, take the rest of your hair and pin it in place around the back trying your best to hide the pins under your hair.

The Side Sweep

The side sweep is sexy and has that retro feel. Start with a very deep side parting and then curl your bangs away from your face. Create volume with a few more large curls on the side you've chosen to wear down. Then, finish the look by smoothing the other side to your head using a comb and hairspray and pinning it back.

The Crown Braid

This updo may daunt some, and you may have to find someone who is good at doing braids, but you can't deny it's one that you should try out! The crown braid involves flipping all you hair to one side and then french braiding from one side to the other and pinning the rest of your hair back.

The Faux Mohawk

The fake mohawk is one for the rockers out there, anyone who loves a bit of edginess should try out this look! This hairstyle is similar to the quiff however the finish has more of a mohawk effect. Start by creating lots of volume by backcombing your roots, then if your hair is slightly longer pin it in place, however if it's pretty short, leave it spiked up. Next, really slick down the sides by either smoothing them down with hairspray or by plaiting small french braids. This time, don't pin back the hair at the back, simply leave it voluminous from the backcombing.

The Relaxed Up-Do

This look is very soft and feminine, and is create from soft tousled curls. Leave some of your curls framing your face and pin the rest back. You may need to do this by twisting your hair into itself.

The Deep Side Parting

A deep side parting can transform a haircut from bland to youthful and fun. You can do this whether your hair is straight, curled or wavy. We recommend creating a bit of volume at your roots and curl your bangs away from your face.


The half-up/half-down style incorporates the best of both worlds! You get to wear some hair loose whilst also keeping it off your face. Simply section your hair in two, and gather the top half into a ponytail. Next, twist the ponytail into a small bun and pin place. Be loose in your styling and leave some hair to frame your face.

Curly, Voluminous or Straight

And of course, you can play around with the texture of your hair. You could opt for something sexy and playful with tousled curls, or using a bigger curling iron you can create a more voluminous look. Finally, don't forget the classic sleek and sultry straight hairstyle. Remember you can also switch up your parting, whether that be changing it to the other side or opting for a center parting. Even these little details can really change up your look!

Do you have short hair? What are your favourite ways to style it?
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Blogger Spotlight: idressmyselff

You might have noticed that we've already featured Bee from idressmyselff in several of our trend posts already! This is mainly because she always rocks whatever trend she might be wearing (such as boyfriend jeans) in a new and unique fashion. She has an edgy and creative style which we love and if you don't know her blog already, then you should!

Let's peek into a beauty bloggers make-up bag...

We find it fascinating having a cheeky look into a beauty bloggers make-up bag, so this week we are taking a peek into Soph's from our new weekly beauty writer!  
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