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December 01, 2014

5 Killer Clothing Combinations You Might Not Have Tried Before

When it comes to putting outfits together, it can often feel that you are putting together the same combinations over and over again. When this feeling occurs, a lot of us do tend to go out and buy something new to liven up a stale wardrobe. However, this doesn't have to be the case! With some simple but effective clothing combinations you can put together new and fashionable outfits using clothes you already have. Today, we have chosen these 5 combinations that we feel many of you might not have tried before. We dare you to give them a go!

1) Bandeau Top Layered Over A Blouse

This look is great for the work environment or for anyone who likes a smarter day look. Here, a ribbed bandeau top is layered over a crisp white shirt. The outfit is then completed with a pair of cropped tailored trousers, a relaxed fit blazer and some awesome peep-toe lace-up booties! For a more casual look you could switch the pants with some jeans (rolling up the cuffs) and replace the blazer with a classic beige trench.

2) A Longline Jacket or Shirt Layered Under A Shorter Jacket

A really simple way to play with an outfit is to mix up the layers. This look is centred around the different lengths of the jackets, the tartan longline piece being the focus of the outfit with the rest of the look being all black. What's unique about this look is that the longer jacket (or shirt) is paired underneath the shorter one. You can take the theme further by finishing the look with a pair of thigh-high boots that finish before the longline jacket does.

3) A Dress Worn Over Skinny Pants

A trend that is popular this season is wearing a pair of trousers underneath a dress. In theory, this sounds like it really shouldn't work, but it totally can! This look is pretty simple, but the mix of textures, sleek low bun and quality pieces make this look enviable. A knitted sweater dress is paired with leather cropped trousers, a pair of slip-on plimsolls and finished with some classic wayfarer sunglasses.
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4) Effective But Subtle Print on Print

If you know how to clash your prints well, then a whole new abundance of outfit combinations are there at your fingertips! Our top tips for clashing prints, is to choose printed pieces with complementing colours in similar hues. This will help create an outfit that looks put-together and stylish. Stick to neutral colours when it comes to your accessories and any other layers so not to take the look overboard.

5) A Shirt Tied Around The Waist

A cool way to spice up a look is by tying a shirt around your waist. If you're wearing a baggy top, the shirt can act like a belt, pulling in your look to create some shape. For this outfit,, the fashionista has chosen a tartan check shirt to add shape to a loose sheer top and some short shorts. The check shirt helps cover up some of the sheerness of the top whilst also adding length to the outfit so the shorts aren't too revealing. 

Which unique combinations do you like to wear? Will you be trying out any of these looks? 


  1. 4 & 5 I already do! I am thinking of trying out my own version of 2 & 3 though! Look 1 is not for me xx

  2. I think these fashion combinations look good on the girls because they're taller. On a more petite person like me, too many layers would look overwhelming; I'd probably look like a homeless woman. :-P


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