How Fashion Bloggers Do Halloween: 14 Costume Ideas

Oh fashion bloggers how we love you! Not only do you inspire us on a day-to-day basis, but also for special occasions and fancy dress. As Halloween is looming closer we've put together some of our favourite Halloween costumes worn by fashion bloggers over the past few years. Let us know which ones are your favourite and which you'd like us to show you how you can recreate the look!

Morticia Addams 
Morticia Addams Adams Family Costume Ideas Fancy Dress Halloween 2014
Images via oliviaemily & a0gr

Wednesday Addams
Adams Family Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume Ideas Fashion Blog Fancy Dress Outfits
Images via svartsvanur & behindseams

Sugar Skull
sugar candy skull makeup outfit fancy dress costume ideas for halloween
Images via charlotteclothier & masha-sedgwick

skeleton outfit ideas for halloween fancy dress costume 2014 makeup
Images via anilat & thephantomes
The Mad Hatter
mat hatter alice in wonderland costume outfit ideas for halloween makeup face paint fancy dress 2014
Images via blackfaun & brownplatform

Alice In Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland Fancy Dress Outfits Costume Ideas Halloween
Images via waterforthebird & anita-anti

Corpse/Zombie Bride
corpse bride zombie bride outfit ideas for halloween fancy dress costumes 2014
Images via olivaemily & aly-thelittlebird

Flapper Girl
flapper girl fashion bloggers halloween costume outfit ideas fancy dress 2014
Images via sugarnspicefashion & stylesbyhannahriles

Big Cats
catwoman cat leopard cheetah fancy dress halloween outfit ideas 2014 costumes
Images via roxxanaifrim & flattery

The Black Swan
black swan ballerina halloween outfit ideas fancy dress costumes 2014 fashion blog
Images via thesorrygirls & stylingdutchman

zombie outfit makeup fashion bloggers halloween fancy dress costume ideas 2014
Images via nanysklozet & fatalproject666

Creepy Doll
creepy doll halloween fancy dress costume makeip outfit ideas fashion blog 2014
Image via anouskaproettabrandon & neoncherokee

Cruella de Vil
cruella de vil 101 dalmations fancy dress disney outfit ideas halloween costumes 2014
Images via martinehaanschoten & patriciac

deer makeup halloween fancy dress costume ideas outfit 2014
Images via flattery & frmheadtotoe

What are you wearing this Halloween? Would you like us to show you how to get some of these looks? If so, which ones??

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  1. Where can one find the Morticia Addams dress?

    1. I second this ; _ ; someone please tell me.


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