12 Of The Hottest Blogger Looks This Week!

We, just like millions of other fashionistas, love looking to fashion bloggers for inspiration. This week we've put together 12 hot looks featuring 12 different fashion bloggers and 6 hot fashion trends.

Transitioning From Summer To Fall

Image via camilleovertherainbow & neonblush

Denim Shorts

Images via songofstlye & trendytaste

 Distressed Skinny Jeans

Images via hellofashionblog & hapatime

 Tropical Prints

Images via pagesbymegan & xandervintage

 White On White 

Images via fashionvibe & victoriatornegren

 Wide Brimmed Fedora Hats

Images via tovogueorbust & thelittlemagpie
Which outfits suit your style? Who are your favourite bloggers? What trends are you loving at the moment?
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3 comments on 12 Of The Hottest Blogger Looks This Week!

  1. Lots of ombre hair; I wonder if that hair trend will stick around through the fall/winter. What do you think?

    I'm liking the wide-brimmed fedora hats, especially with all-black or mostly black outfits. I like the black jeans + tied shirt combo. I cannot get that t-shirt tie down yet. For some reason everytime I do it the tie comes out looking bulky and unnatural.

    Vegas Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes definitely! The ombre trend is hot right now and we don't see it dying out anytime soon!

  2. Love these looks, definitely going to be looking to these for inspiration! X

    Navy and Black ootd on the blog-


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