More Ways To Wear The Birkenstock /Sliders Trend

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Love them or hate them, the birkenstock/slider craze is one we are going to be seeing all summer long. If you are a lover of this ugly shoe just as much as we are, then you might want to check out the different ways you can style them! If you need a reason/excuse to love this sandal, how about the fact that Alexa Chung rocks them on a frequent basis?!
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You can style them with maxi skirts, luxe joggers, dresses and even tailored trousers! We are starting to think that there is nothing you can't wear them with! However, we haven't seen them rocked on the red carpet yet, so maybe keep them just for casual wear...
Images via fashionmenow, theiconic, teetharejade & stylecredential

Shop The Look For Under £20

1. ASOS Fold Up Sliders £18 | 2. Boohoo Cross Strap Slider £12 | 3. Boohoo Jelly Strap Slider £12 | 4. Missguided White Buckle Platform Sandals £19.99 | 5. Missguided Black Buckle Platform Sandals £17.99 | 6. Missguided Pink Holographic Platform Sandals £17.99 | 7. Newlook Silver Strap Sliders £9.50

What do you think of this unexpected trend? Is it one you'll be wearing this summer?
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  1. It took me a while, but the Birks did grow on me! I really like them with slouchy trousers or jeans! Maybe I'll even get myself a pair eventually!

    Colour Me In Blog

  2. I simply cannot get into this trend!! My dad always wore Birkenstock's when I was a kid, so I grew up finding them ugly...& still do. Sorry to those who rock them. :] // ☼

  3. Love these trends!





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