10 Ways To Style Short Hair

For those with short hair, it can sometimes feel like you're limited in the way you can style it compared to those with a longer cut. However, we like to think differently! Inspired by the beautiful Julianne Hough, we've put together a list of the different ways you can style your short hair. These hairstyles are so hot that it is making even us with long hair consider the big chop!

The Quiffed Up-Do

The quiffed updo looks effortless yet glamorous, and is pretty simple to do. Begin by backcombing the roots whilst using hairspray to add volume, then loosely pin back the layers at the front, making sure they are quiffed up. Finally, take the rest of your hair and pin it in place around the back trying your best to hide the pins under your hair.

The Side Sweep

The side sweep is sexy and has that retro feel. Start with a very deep side parting and then curl your bangs away from your face. Create volume with a few more large curls on the side you've chosen to wear down. Then, finish the look by smoothing the other side to your head using a comb and hairspray and pinning it back.

The Crown Braid

This updo may daunt some, and you may have to find someone who is good at doing braids, but you can't deny it's one that you should try out! The crown braid involves flipping all you hair to one side and then french braiding from one side to the other and pinning the rest of your hair back.

The Faux Mohawk

The fake mohawk is one for the rockers out there, anyone who loves a bit of edginess should try out this look! This hairstyle is similar to the quiff however the finish has more of a mohawk effect. Start by creating lots of volume by backcombing your roots, then if your hair is slightly longer pin it in place, however if it's pretty short, leave it spiked up. Next, really slick down the sides by either smoothing them down with hairspray or by plaiting small french braids. This time, don't pin back the hair at the back, simply leave it voluminous from the backcombing.

The Relaxed Up-Do

This look is very soft and feminine, and is create from soft tousled curls. Leave some of your curls framing your face and pin the rest back. You may need to do this by twisting your hair into itself.

The Deep Side Parting

A deep side parting can transform a haircut from bland to youthful and fun. You can do this whether your hair is straight, curled or wavy. We recommend creating a bit of volume at your roots and curl your bangs away from your face.


The half-up/half-down style incorporates the best of both worlds! You get to wear some hair loose whilst also keeping it off your face. Simply section your hair in two, and gather the top half into a ponytail. Next, twist the ponytail into a small bun and pin place. Be loose in your styling and leave some hair to frame your face.

Curly, Voluminous or Straight

And of course, you can play around with the texture of your hair. You could opt for something sexy and playful with tousled curls, or using a bigger curling iron you can create a more voluminous look. Finally, don't forget the classic sleek and sultry straight hairstyle. Remember you can also switch up your parting, whether that be changing it to the other side or opting for a center parting. Even these little details can really change up your look!

Do you have short hair? What are your favourite ways to style it?
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2 comments on 10 Ways To Style Short Hair

  1. The crown braid is my favorite! So easy yet looks nice and put together. :o)


  2. Love them all!!! But I like the first one a lottt!

    Lakshmi in Trance


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