Blogger Spotlight: The Londonite

The blog The Londonite is written by Londoner Shay Mirza. Not afraid to pair Prada with Primark, Shay aims to write a relatable and realistic blog for the everyday, fashion conscious Londonista. We love her strong sense of style and could scroll through her blog for hours admiring her amazing outfits and stunning photography. Shay is a beautiful girl inside and out and her blog is one that you just must bookmark!

You can find the blog, The Londonite, here
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6 comments on Blogger Spotlight: The Londonite

  1. louise_xoMay 27, 2014

    wow she's so stunning!! totally in love with her style, wish I could steal her wardrobe for sure!!

    louise xo

  2. Love the outfit with the fur coat and the last one too!
    Lucia's Loves

  3. Her style is really original, love it!

    Pretty Style


  4. She has some really cool outfits!
    Naomi, x

  5. Her style is so original and amazing. Love it!


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