Blogger Spotlight: Strutt

The personal style and fashion blog Strutt is written by Charlene, a 26 Year old Junior Designer and Stylist at Oh My Love. We adore her edgy style and her love for clashing prints. Charlene knows that no look is finished without a bold lip, and we can't get enough of her trademark red pout. We think that her new long bob and cute fringe hairstyle really suit her, and her blog is one that we always go back to for inspiration.

You can check out Charlene's blog here
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8 comments on Blogger Spotlight: Strutt

  1. Love your jacket! It looks great on you.

  2. Wow...her hair is just gorgeous.

  3. She is SO cool, ah how beautiful is she?!

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  4. Ok this is my favourite post (love this blog!)

  5. I love her red lip, gonna go explore her blog.

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