12 Ways To Wear The Crop Top Trend For Spring

Top Fashion Blog: How To Wear The Crop Top Trend Spring 2014
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Crop tops may initially seem like a scary trend, especially for those who are body conscious. However, we have found them to be incredibly flattering if worn in the right way! If you choose the right lenght crop then you will find they are easier to pull off, especially when you play with the proportions. Pair your crop with high-waisted bottoms to minimize skin exposure and keep the trend chic and sophisticated. If you the choose lengths carefully then you can even choose not to expose any skin at all if you prefer not too!

Opting for a pencil skirt paired with a crop is a great option to make the look more conservative. Also you don't have to choose a tight fitting crop, choosing one with a boxy fit can help you feel more comfortable. The crop top will draw the eye to your smallest part (your waist!) and will thus make you look slimmer and if you still feel a bit exposed, spring is the perfect time to embrace this trend as you can layer with a lightweight jacket or opt for a cropped knit jumper.

Top Fashion Blog: How To Wear The Crop Top Trend Spring 2014
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Top Fashion Blog: Ways To Wear The Crop Top Trend Spring 2014
Images via stylecabthefashiontag x2 & fabsugar 

What do you think of the crop top trend? Will you be sporting a crop this Spring?
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  1. nice post! I don't have any croptops because I'm still a bit scared to show too much skin and fat.. It is awesome if you look good in it!

  2. I absolutely love crop tops !! They are about all I wear now, mainly because I am always wearing high waisted stuff!
    I love these looks though, will definitely be trying them out!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  3. I love crop tops when not worn in a tacky way (cough the girls in my school cough) I love the looks you've put together! Totally cute and perfect for spring!

  4. Love this!! I am such a fan of the cropped trend. I even did a "3 ways to wear crop top" kinda post.. Maybe you would be interested in seeing it : http://www.frankvinyl.com/2014/02/3-ways-cropped-sweater.html

    lovely post dear!! xo


  5. The dress came a little wrinkled, but there was plenty of time with me beforehand to deal with that. I couldn't wait to wear it in front of all my friends.





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