Makeup Inspiration: Lily Collins

Makeup Inspiration Lily Collins Model

We love this beauty's bold brow and long lashes makeup looks! And the fact that she has been nailing all of our favourite hair and beauty trends, such as the orange lip, the dark berry lip and the long bob! Step away from the tweezers ladies and towards your mascara, keep your eyeshadow nude and choose a flattering lip shade, then with a hint of blusher, you're good to go!

Lily Collins Big Eyebrows Purple Berry Dark Lips
Lily Collins Pink Lips Big Eyebrows
Lily Collins Orange Coral Lips Big Eyebrows
Lily Collins Dark Berry Lips Big Eyebrows

What do you think of Lily's hair and makeup choices? Which is your favourite look?
Makeup Inspiration: Lily Collins Makeup Inspiration: Lily Collins Reviewed by Charlotte Harvey on 10:00 Rating: 5


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous <3 I love how natural she looks, yet so pretty:)
    Great post!

  2. My fave is definitely the top one, she looks always!
    Love her look, i'll be sure to try these out some time.

  3. She is so natural gorgeous.I love her eyebrows.

  4. I definitely feel that less-is-more.

  5. absolutely gorgeous, love her bold brows.